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2010-09-25 09:04:51 by HimynameisJohnny

Check out maaaa Audio. Please.

Rate and shizzle.

Fank you.

P.S - I will never speak like that again.

My Finished Website

2010-08-31 06:58:01 by HimynameisJohnny

Ok so here we go, I have been working on this for a while know (and it still isn't amazing) but my site is finished, The name is 'ElloFlash' ermm and I haven't really got much else to say about it apart from go go go and check it out please, I will be really great full.

Thanks very much, heres the screenshot.

My Finished Website


2010-08-08 11:30:41 by HimynameisJohnny

Hey guys keep your eye on the audio portal because I am going to give it a go (seen as I have a love for music) I am trying to make a short piece of music as we speak and I really hope I can get it uploaded today :)

If you read this then THANK YOU :D


PS - working on my site at the moment which is exciting

New Blog Post

2010-08-03 04:29:03 by HimynameisJohnny

I just completed Red Dead Redemption and I just wrote a blog post about it.

Read it here.,

Cheers guys :)

My Games

2010-07-31 05:12:48 by HimynameisJohnny

Finally I have been added as an artist to the TehYeh games that I help make, there are two games called 'snowball keepy uppy' and 'the big christmas game' please please do check them out. I think that they were made last christmas (2009) but hopefully we or I will be making games and movies soon. So watch out for them alright.

Tweet Me - @ElloJohnnyJones
Website -

Visit them too :)

Hey Yall

2010-02-02 06:21:36 by HimynameisJohnny

Hey everyone, although the profile looks a bit dull it will be good soon. Im currently working on a project were i am making a season with my brother, who is a whizz at drawing and is good at flash. I will put more details of this project up soon, but for know check out this shiz...

Im part of a flash group called 'TehYeh' so far we have made to games and intend to do more so visit our site ---> Here